e-Resources Collection on Mahatma Gandhi


Selected writings of Mahatma Gandhi 

Gandhi Autobiographies/Biographies

  1.  M.K.GANDHI: An Autobiography or The Story of My experiments with Truth
  2.  Gandhi's Autobiography: Moral Lessons
  3. Gandhi Biography for Beginners
  4.  Gandhiji's Abridged Autobiography
  5.  Gandhi: A Life by Krishna Kripalani
  6. Mahatma Gandhi : His life & Times 
  7. Gandhiji : His Life and Work
Gandhi's Philosophy

3 . Selections from Gandhi ( Encyclopedia of Gandhi's Thoughts)
4. The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi  
5. India of My Dreams
6. Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

Gandhi's Writings (by M.K.Gandhi)

1. Ruskin Unto This Last : A Paraphrase
2. From Yeravda Mandir
3. Trusteeship
4. The Law and the Lawyers
5. Satyagraha in South Africa
6. Gandhiji Expects
7. Prayer
8. Gokhale : My Political Guru
9. Self Restraint V. Self Indulgence
10. Selected Letters of Mahatma Gandhi Volume IV
11. Everyman's A....,B...,C...., of Gandhi
12. The Miracle of Calcutta
13. Mahatma: The Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ( Volume 1 to 8)
14. The Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi Volume Five The Voice of Truth
15. Mahatma Gandhi: Volume IX The Last Phase Book One
16. Mahatma Gandhi: Volume IX The Last Phase Book TWO
17.Mahatma Gandhi: Volume X The Last Pahase Part- II
18. Going to Wipe their tears
19. In Search of the Supreme Volume I
20. In Search of the Supreme Volume II
21.In Search of the Supreme Volume III
22.Social Service , Work and Reform Vol-I
23. Social Service , Work and Reform Vol-II
24.Social Service , Work and Reform Vol-III
25. Political and National Life and Affairs Volume I 
26. Political and National Life and Affairs Volume II
27. Political and National Life and Affairs Volume III
28. Evil Wrought by the English Medium

Gandhi's Views on Non Violence

1. My Non-Violence
2. Non-Violence and Social Change
3. Gandhi: The Alternative to Violence
4. Contemporary Perspectives on Peace and Non-Violence
5.Non-Violence after GANDHI: A study of Martin Luther King Jr. 
6. The Origins of Non Violence

Gandhi's Views on Health 

1. Key to Health
2. The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism
3. Nature Cure 
4. Diet and Diet Reform 
5. Sevagram to Shodhgram : Journey in search of Health for the People 

Gandhi's Views on GOD

1.Truth is GOD
2. Pathway  to God 

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