Statistics e-Journals

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1. Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications
2. International Journal of Advanced Statistics and Probability
3. International Journal of Statistics and Probability 
4. Journal of Probability and Statistics
5. Open Journal of Statistics
6. Electronic Journal of Statistics 
7. Statistics and Computing 
8. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
9. Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics
10. American Journal of Biometrics and Biostaistics
11. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis
12. Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications 
13. Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies 
14. Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications
15. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 
16. European Journal of Statistics and Probability 
17. International Journal of Statistics and Analysis
18. SANKHYA-The Indian Journal of Statistics
19. Alphanumeric Journal : The Journal of Operations Research, Statistics, Econometrics and Management Information Systems
20. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
21. Statistical Journal of the IAOS ( International Association for Official Statistics)
22. American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics
23. The Annals of Statistics
24. The Open Mathematics, Statistics and Probability Journal 
25. International Journal of Statistics and Applications
26. The R Journal 

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